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Our Sea Salt with Black Summer Truffle is available in 200g packets for giving any dish that unique flavour and aroma of truffles.

Use: use it in any savoury dish, instead of normal salt.

Storage: store in a cool dry place, away from heat.

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Our Black Summer Truffle Salt combines sea salt with the unique flavour of Black Summer Truffles and can transform any dish into a unique truffle-flavoured dish.

How to use our Black Summer Truffle Salt: truffle salt can be used like ordinary salt; it is classified as coarse salt, although it is slightly finer. It’s very versatile and excellent with fresh egg or durum wheat pasta and gives that extra touch and flavour to meat and fish dishes, as well as starters and side dishes; make sure it becomes one of your pantry essentials. There is no recommended dose, use it to your taste, but remember that the grains are smaller than coarse salt, but bigger than fine salt; alternatively, it can be ground in a salt mill for a finer Sea Salt with Black Truffles.

How to use our Black Summer Truffle Salt: store in a cool dry place, away from light, heat and damp.

Ingredients: Sea salt 98.6%, truffles (tuber aestivum vitt.) 1%, aroma.

Suggested recipe: Eggs en cocotte, Potatoes with Black Summer Truffle salt

See other truffle recipes: Sulpizio Tartufi Recipe Book

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